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Q:   After my order, will I see what it will look like before you ship it?

A:    Yes, we always send drafts of a design for approval.  We will never go to print without you looking at it first.  

Q:   What if I change my mind with the font I chose after I see the draft?

A:     Not a problem, this is the time where we can modify the design with the desired font. After it goes to print there will be           no changes allowed.  So during the draft stage, we can modify until you are happy.

Q:   How many times can we revise a design during the draft phase?

A:     With every stationery or stamp order you have 3 revisions included.  After that there is a fee of $5.00/revision.

Q:   Do you have ready made invitations that we can pick from?

A:     All our invitations are custom designed.   We do not keep hard copy designs of our past work, but we do have a soft               print that we can show you and we can do modifications that will fit your event.  Such as changing the colours or font.

Q:   How long does it take to custom design an invitation?

A:     We need at least 5 business days to brainstorm and create some mockups.

Q:   How long do you need to print and delivery our invitations?

A:    We need minimum of 3 weeks to accommodate the design phase, print phase and assembly phase. 


Q:  Who do you ship with?

A:    All our shipments are done with Canada Post

Q:  How much is shipping for a self inking stamp?

A:    Within Canada, the costs is +/- $15.00

Q:  Do you ship to the USA?

A:    Yes, we do.  

Q:  What if the package was delivered to the wrong address and is returned back to you?

A:    If the package is returned back and it was the address that was provided during the order, then it will be                                    your responsibility to cover the additional shipping fees to get the packaged delivered to your address.

Q:  Can you deliver my order as a gift?

A:   Yes, through our Send It program, we will wrap the order and tag it with your note to the recipient. We try to make ordering       online easy, especially if this is for a gift.


Q:   Do you take returns?

A:     Unfortunately, because our work is custom we do not accept returns.

Q:   Does PaperWenches only create stationery, self inking stamps and invitations?

A:     No!  We create anything that can be printed. So that would include any marketing promotional items, advertising,                   logo design, training manuals and list can go on.

Q:   What is your training?

A:     We are both trained graphic designer with many years of experience.


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We require 5 - 7 business days after final approval

to print and assemble products.

All deliveries are with Canada Post and we can not

take responsibilities for any delays they may incur.

Pick ups can be arranged.

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